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I’m Jessi, creator of Joyously Jess. I’m a 24 year old living in Southeastern Michigan. I graduated with my Bachelor in Social Work in 2016 and currently working full time as a Social Worker at a Skilled Nursing Facility. I live with my significant other, Colton, and our two dogs in a fixer upper home. Blogging is one of my many hobbies I enjoy doing with my free time.



I haven’t always been into fashion and beauty. I started as your typical img_8008-1college girl wearing Uggs and leggings with her hair in a messy bun every day. I would see some people on campus, Instagram, and Pinterest, and crave their style. However, comfort took over fashion at that point in my life. That wouldn’t change until I got a job in the women’s fashion industry at a company called, “Maurices.” Here my peers helped guide me into the fashion savvy person I am today. I also took a giant leap into the unknown by cutting off inches upon inches of my long blonde hair into a stylish and fun pixie cut! I haven’t been back since!





Ever since I was little, arts and crafts were my thing. I love everything Art related and have worked with several different medias in my lifetime. Recently, we have taken on a whole new project—a Fixer Upper. The house was built in 1920 and roughly 1200 sq. feet of things needs to be spruced up. We made a deal with the home owners and have been working to make this little slice of heaven a reality.


Health and Fitness wasn’t too much of a concern when I was younger. Early 2013 I developed food allergies and intolerances that I never expected to happen. I had to flip my diet from being able to consume anything to being gluten-free, lactose-free, and no beef or pork. This was a huge change in my life since I grew up on a farm where we raised our own cattle and pigs, got fresh milk from local farms, and cooked/baked everything fresh. Not to mention a hit to my wallet. At the time, Gluten-free foods were scare and if you either had to drimg_4770ive 20 miles or expected to pay an arm and a leg. Now the little city I live in has begun to grow with the times and now I have been able to shop affordably without driving a long way away. Once, I got my diet in check it was time to focus on managing time into working out. Motivation has always been my downfall in staying on a workout regime. I used workout plans that weren’t specific to me and got bored fast. I tried multiple different programs that promised to help me get fit but they failed for me. So one day I sat down and looked into various different plans and workouts that would adhere to my lifestyle and keep my attention. It took me awhile to create a plan that fits into my busy life and I’m still adjusting it to this day.